My Experience with Assignment Masters

Have you ever been so stuck with academic writing that you thought you had to rely on unorthodox methods? I know I have. What do ‘unorthodox methods’ actually mean? Well, different students have different approaches:
·         They copy other people’s work
·         They literally beg a friend to write the paper for them
·         They buy the content online.
Being a journalism student, I was completely aware of the dangers of plagiarism. The alternative ‘ask a friend’ was also a big no-no. I’ve done that before: writing papers for friends. They got a decent grade at the end, but somehow they always had remarks on my work. I didn’t want to do the same to a dear friend. So that left me with one choice: find the absolute best assignment writing service for UK students.
 I was lucky enough to find a service that met my expectations. Hold on, you’re about to read a very detailed Assignment Masters review! 

My Experience with AssignmentMasters: Essays
In total, I’ve made 4 different orders from this service. Two of them were for essays, one for a statistics problem, and one of them was a plain coursework assignment. Let me start with the most common order UK students place: essays.
       The Social Sciences Essay
For me, sociology has always been special. The written projects, however, were disastrous. There was none of the exciting research and evaluation of different people and societies. Only long hours spent in reading and writing. I could deal with most projects, but this one was especially problematic: an essay with a topic “Challenges that Working Women Face in British Society.” It didn’t require interviewing women of different background; that would’ve been fun. The professor asked us to search for statistic and that kind of dry information, which I had no interest in.
After reading several positive assignmentmasters.co.uk reviews, I decided to hire this service for the very first project I bought online. Since I picked the highest quality level, I got a writer with PhD in social sciences, and we communicated pretty effectively throughout the completion process. I was surprised with the way this author made such a boring theme look interesting in the paper. He paid attention to all details I emphasized in the order form, so the final result was more than satisfactory.
       The Literature Essay
I have no problem spending sleepless nights over a book, and then writing a review or report on it. This project, however, was something completely different. It needed to be focused on a single period of literature, so I found it impossible to compress such an extensive base of information into a 500-word essay. 
 I placed an order from this service again, so here comes the second Assignment Masters review. For this project, I needed to stay in touch with the writer. Luckily, this website has a direct messaging system that connects the customers with the writers, so that was not a problem. The writer promptly responded to my messages. She picked a nice topic for me, placing the focus on female characters in Renaissance literature. I got an insightful piece that impressed me. I requested minor revisions, asking the writer to make it a bit more comprehensive in terms of language and style, and she got my point. I received the paper back on time, and it got me the highest marks. 

Essay Writing Service Reviews: the Statistics Problem
I’m an idealistic soul, you know. Statistics? Zero interest in it. The project required comparison of the state administration in India during the colonial period with the first 5 years after the fall of colonialism. It was a huge project that required processing a great deal of data. It would’ve been a great journalism piece, but I wasn’t ready for such a challenge.
At AssignmentMasters UK, I got to work with a PhD writer. He not only wrote the whole thing within 10 days, but he also helped me understand the project. It was the most expensive paper I’ve ever ordered online (due to the length), but it was well worth it. 

Assignment Masters Review: the Coursework
I had no problem with math coursework most of the time throughout my studies. But, every student will understand this: sometimes you miss a class or two and you find it hard to fit in. Math can do that to you. In a similar situation, I decided to get the coursework from Assignment Masters. There’s nothing much to say about this experience, except that it went as smoothly as I expected.
The author provided correct solutions to the problems, and the entire material was ready before the deadline. 

Bottom Line: It’s a Nice Service You Can Count On
I read many essay writing service reviews before choosing this agency, and I have to say it’s one of the best ones I’ve used. The writers really care about the quality they deliver, and the entire experience is quite convenient.
I have to mention the website, too. It is very easy to use, and there’s a useful blog section I commonly visit. The English lit test is an especially neat feature, so go ahead and test your knowledge. 

I hope my assignmentmasters.co.uk reviews helped you get an impression of this service. Have you used it? Share your impressions with me!

6 Productivity Hacks that Make You a Better Student

Productivity is not something I struggle with. When I was a student, I used to work, study, socialize, read, and exercise on a regular basis. My friends were always wondering how I did it. Let me tell you something: the lack of productivity has nothing to do with laziness. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing the tasks on your list, but that doesn’t mean you’ve become a lazy, useless person. It just means you’re not motivated enough or you simply need a rest to recharge your body’s batteries.
Believe it or not, getting productive is easier than it seems. You just need to trick yourself into the ‘high achiever’ mode. And I know exactly how you can do that. These are the 6 productivity hacks that never fail to work for me:
1.      The Pomodoro Timer
If you’ve never heard about the pomodoro method before, you probably think I’m talking about tomatoes. Nope! This technique, which was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s, is based on the principle that the human brain needs short breaks in between longer sessions of work. Cirillo used a kitchen timer (in the form of a tomato) to time the sessions: 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest.
Before you start the work, you plan how many pomodoro sessions you’ll need to complete it, and you’ll develop a plan accordingly. If you don’t feel like using a kitchen timer, you can simply use Strict Workflow – a Chrome extension based on the pomodoro principle.
2.      Strike a Pose!
I never work on the computer or study while in bed. I know that you want to get in a comfortable position, but the ultimate physical comfort is not necessarily a good thing when you’re trying to study or work. People invented the desk and chair for a reason, you know. Sit with your back as straight as possible, and you’ll be surprised with the way your posture makes you more focused.
3.      Exercise!
When your body is energized, your mind gets brighter. When I was a student, my roommate was astonished by the fact that I woke up 1 hour earlier than necessary not for the purpose to get my makeup done, but to do yoga. Trust me: moving your body matters.
If you really can’t make yourself get up, the least you could do is commit to a daily 7-minute workout. You’ve got 7 minutes per day for exercise, don’t you? Have a healthy smoothie after the session and you’ll be ready to fight any distraction that comes along. 
4.      Do Not Multitask
Multitasking is impressive, but it’s also a myth. When you’re trying to listen to a lecture and do your homework for another class at the same time, you’re not going to remember anything from the lecture and you’ll be too distracted to do the homework. Take one task at a time and get focused on it.
5.      Get a Good Sleep
All-nighters are necessary during exam sessions, but don’t turn them into a habit. Getting enough sleep is a mandatory requirement for proper productivity. Sleep deprivation makes you stressed and unfocused. At least 8 hours of sleep at night will prepare you to face the tasks of the following day.
6.      Follow Your Progress
I like to keep to-do lists; they prepare me for the responsibilities of the day, and they give me a timeframe to stick to. However, I also keep a ‘done’ list, which makes me aware of the progress I made. Hey, if I edited three chapters today, I can do the single one that remains, right?
You don’t have to make a special ‘done’ list; just mark the covered tasks in your usual app and you’ll already feel like the productive person you are.   

We can’t accomplish great things without hard work and great commitment. We are all victims of procrastination, but we are also fighters. With the 6 hacks above, our productivity levels can go sky high.  

Top 10 Work & Travel Opportunities for Recent Graduates

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to travel? The excitement that new destinations bring is incomparable to any other experience in life. I have a mission: travel as much as I can and see as many places as possible. My usual pick for summer vacations are islands. They are mysterious beyond comparison. Throughout the year, however, I like seeing grand cities in different European states.
Traveling is expensive, though. I never liked backpacking for some reason. I always want to eat nice food and taste local wines, and that costs money. So, I had to find a way to work while travelling, which is why I started my editing career. Are you willing to get on the adventure of your life without attacking your savings account? I have 10 suggestions for jobs you can commit to while traveling. 
1.      The Nomad Writer or Editor
Yup, this one is me. The only thing I need for this job is a laptop and an Internet connection, which you can get anywhere in the world. Are you good at writing? If you have good grasp of the grammar and syntax of your language, then you can absolutely do this. There’s no need to lock yourself in a home office when you can see the world.
The first thing you need to do is get a freelancing job in writing or editing. There are great platforms and writing services that offer such opportunities. In order to find good clients, you’ll need great samples. Write few articles on topics you’re passionate about, and make them really good. You’ll submit those samples when you apply to ads. I also recommend blogging. A successful blog serves as a writer’s portfolio.
As soon as you start working for well-paying clients or platforms and you have a stable income, hit the road. You’ll organize your time in a way that allows you to do the work and see all the places you dreamed about seeing. 
2.      Social Activism
If you’re the one who always gives back to the community, then work in non-governmental organizations would be perfect for you. However, volunteering doesn’t come with an income, so you’ll need an actual job in such an organization. They will be paying for the trips, and you’ll get to do what you love – make the world a slightly better place for people from different countries.

3.      Instructor
I picked the broad category on purpose: you can be any kind of instructor and travel the world. Have you seen those yoga teachers on Instagram? They have literally seen the most beautiful places on the planet. They teach classes in yoga resorts, meeting cool people and making money at the same time.
You can do the same thing if you’re a pilates, kiteboarding, diving, singing, or a jiu jitsu instructor. Pick one of your many talents and master it. Get a certification, so you can teach in any country in the world. Then, hit Google and I’m sure you’ll find many opportunities.

4.      English Language Teacher
English language schools from all around the world are looking for guest teachers who are native speakers. If you thought you weren’t qualified enough to teach, you might be wrong. Most schools around the world will accept native speakers with a bachelor’s degree in any subject. All you need is a TEFL certification, which you can even get online. Then, contact different language schools to see if they will hire you, and don’t forget to ask about the pay, as well as the costs of living for the specific place you’re interested in.

5.      Holiday Worker
Tourist destinations, such as Malta and Hawaii for example, always have open positions during the holidays. Get informed about getting a working holiday visa for the country you want to visit, and browse around the net to find ads. There are tons of jobs you can choose from: restaurant serving, bartending, gardening, construction… you name it.

6.      Musician
Are you a talented musician? If that’s the case, there’s no reason to doubt your ability to make money in any country around the world. You can always get paid gigs as long as you’re talented, confident, and persistent enough. Here’s my special tip for you: boost your reputation before showing up at a bar in South Africa offering your services. You can easily do that through a YouTube channel, which will serve as your virtual portfolio.

7.      Tour Guide
Can you get a job in a travel agency? If you’re qualified for such a position, then you already know about the opportunities it offers. However, you don’t necessarily need such a job if you want to become a tour guide. Let’s say you’re already abroad and you know the destination pretty well. You can easily find group of ‘lost’ people who need someone to show them around. Needless to say, you’ll need to negotiate the price before closing the deal. 

8.      Cruise Ship or Yacht Crew
The crew on cruise ships is international. You’ll get to meet people from all over the world, but you’ll also see great places. Yachts are even cooler, because… you know, their owners are rich and you’ll enjoy being part of their lifestyle for a while. They also pay better, and the service on yacht is less chaotic when compared to the one on huge cruise ships.

9.      Au Pair
This was an option I once considered for myself, before I started applying for jobs in editing. I finally realized I wouldn’t do well being around kids 24/7, but I still think that au pair is one of the best work & travel opportunities. If you’re good with kids, you’ll get many benefits from this job: you’ll get to see the world, and you’ll influence their development by doing your best to turn them into fine people. Many European countries and US states participate in au pair programs, so you can easily get a spot as long as you’re brave enough to handle children. 
Check out this video; it will give you more inspiration regarding career choice:

10. Anything
Are you the spontaneous type who’s always up for risks and adventures? Then, you don’t really have to secure a job before you reserve a ticket. You can simply land in Australia, Bangkok, or New Zealand (with a working visa, of course), and I promise you’ll be working within few days of landing. If money is not your main interest and you’re only trying to earn enough for food and shelter, then you’ll always find a way to survive.